Submission Statistics

With 101 submissions (after a first sorting phase to weed out the incomplete and off-topic ones), we achieved an 8-year high for ISWC and continued the upward trend of the past years. The submissions were from all over the world, with quite a good balance between North-America, Europe, and Asia. From the latter, we've received a traditional high number of Japanese papers, and within North-America we've had this year a strong increase in submissions from the north-east. Although a large share of European submissions came from the United Kingdom and Germany, the spread is geographically really large. The maps below shows the locations where the submission authors come from (without counting the authors or submissions per location).

From a quick word-cloud visualization of all combined abstracts, we can see that the topics of the papers are in line with previous years, with the words "systems", "sensors", and "data" featuring heavily.

Most submissions arrived rather late in the system, which is not unusual. What did surprise us was that many of the submisisons with registrations arrived in literally the last minutes before the deadline! Below are the number of submitted documents (not counting registrations or abstracts) at various times before the deadline.

In total, we received 54 long papers (of maximally 8 pages), 34 notes (of maximally 4 pages), and 13 posters. In the next weeks, these will all be reviewed by at least two members of our program committee and at least 2 experts outside the program committee. The decisions about which of these submissions are accepted for presentation at ISWC 2013 will be discussed at a physical program committee meeting on the 13th of May, 2013. Another strong tradition of ISWC is that we assign to a large number of accepted papers a shepherd, to ensure that the changes that were suggested by the reviewers are properly incorporated in the final versions. These will be due by June 17th, 2013, so that they can be published in time by ACM.

Kristof Van Laerhoven (your ISWC 2013 General Chair)