ISWC 2022

Call For Papers

Submission Deadline: Jun. 3 2022

ISWC 2022, the 26th annual International Symposium on Wearable Computers, is the premier forum for research on wearable technology and topics related to on-body and worn mobile technologies. ISWC brings together an eclectic and interdisciplinary mix of visionary researchers, developers, designers, artists, manufacturers, and users to share information and advances in wearable technology. Contributions from a wide range of domains (including fashion design, computer science, textile engineering, electrical engineering, optics, human factors, sociology, anthropology, mechanical engineering, and medicine; among others) are encouraged.

ISWC invites submissions on all research related to technology that is worn on or interacts with the body, both the development and deployment thereof as well as the impacts and influences on individuals and cultures. ISWC looks for rigorous research contributions as well as highly creative ideas.

While this call focuses specifically on research contributions, interested parties should be aware that other submission categories are also open for design innovation, system demonstrations, and interactive workshop formats (see for more information).

Areas Of Interest Include (But Are Not Limited To):


ISWC accepts contributions of original, unpublished research in two lengths (formerly Long papers are discussed below). Papers are published and archived in the ACM Digital Library.

Notes: novel, rigorous research contributions of smaller scope than full papers. Short papers may reflect a narrower research question, but should not reflect early-stage (e.g. pilot, under-developed) research, or preliminary technological development without a robust evaluation. Notes should not exceed 4 pages in the 2-column, ACM proceedings format. References do not count to the page limit (i.e. references can be on pages 5+), but it is important that the core paper including all text and figures is in the first 4 pages.

Briefs: novel research contributions of a narrow scope. May include system or technology development with limited evaluation. Briefs should not exceed 2 pages in the 2-column, AACM proceedings format. *Note that Briefs will likely not be presented in an oral format at the 2022 conference, but instead will be presented as part of a poster session. Prior to the session the authors will get a chance to promote their poster in the famous ISWC 1-minute madness session. References do not count to the page limit (i.e. references can be on pages 3+), but it is important that the core paper including all text and figures is in the first 2 pages.

Formerly Long Papers: Since ISWC and Ubicomp have started co-hosting the conference, papers formerly known as Long papers must be submitted via the IMWUT journal system. IMWUT has 4 submission deadlines a year (15 February, 15 May, 15 August, 15 November). When submitting to IMWUT, please make sure you tick the “Wearable” checkbox as it helps allocate the papers to suitable Associate Editors.

ISWC 2022 with be held together with UbiComp at Atlanta, USA and Cambridge, UK.
Use the “documentclass[sigchi,authordraft]{acmart}” template within the Latex package (two columns).
The latest Latex package is available here.
Use the “Interim Template” available here.
An Overleaf template is available here. Make sure you modify the template to use “documentclass[sigchi,authordraft]{acmart}”.
An example file following the template is available here.
Additional remarks
Please note that the template may change as ACM is in the process of revising their workflow. This may occur shortly before the initial Submission Deadline or for the Camera Ready Deadline. We recommend authors to check this page shortly before submission to see whether there are any template changes.

The camera ready template, for accepted papers, will have to use a new ACM publication template. More information about that will be communicated to accepted papers in due course.
All papers should be sent through the submission site.

Double-blind review: ISWC follows a double-blind review process, therefore submit your papers without identifying information (i.e. it must be anonymized), including author names and pay attention when citing prior work to use a style which does not lend to easy identification of the authors. For instance, instead of “In our previous work we showed….” one could write “It was recently shown that … [ref]”.

All papers are reviewed based on their scientific merit and contribution to the scientific progress in the domain of wearable technology. Submissions should demonstrate novelty (contribution above the state of the art); impact (contribution that furthers the state of the art in meaningful and significant ways, that can be translated and applied to new contexts); and rigor (contribution that is thoroughly supported with well-constructed evidence).

For authors to get a sense of what the ISWC community likes to see in papers we may suggest to consult the 2019 ISWC Author Guide..

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On the submissions tab, please select SIGCHI society, ISWC 2022 conference, and the track “ISWC 2022 Notes and Briefs”.