Organizing Committee

General Chair

Kent Lyons, Intel, USA
Email :

Program Co-Chairs

Asim Smailagic, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Holger Kenn, Microsoft EMIC Aachen, Germany
Email :

Publications Chair

Jennifer Healey, Intel Labs, USA
Email :

Design Exhibition Chair

Clint Zeagler, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Email :

Videos Chair

Daniel Ashbrook, Nokia Research, USA
Email :

Demos Chair

Seungyon Claire Lee, HP Labs, USA
Email :

Doctoral Consortium Chair

Kristof Van Laerhoven, ESS group, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Email :

Publicity Chair

Kai Kunze, University of Passau, Germany
Email :

Web Chair

Nirmal Patel, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Email :

Program Committee

Oliver Amft
Daniel Ashbrook
Michael Beigl
Mark Billinghurst
Leah Buechley
Christian Buergy
Lucy Dunne
Steve Feiner
Alois Ferscha
Jennifer Healey
Holger Kenn
Seungyon Lee
Paul Lukowicz
Kent Lyons
Kenji Mase
Daniel Roggen
Dan Siewiorek
Asim Smailagic
Thad Starner
Didier Stricker
Bruce Thomas
Kristof Van Laerhoven
Tom Martin