WS2: An Introduction to prototyping with the Arduino for the Software Engineer


The goal of this workshop is to introduce the Arduino micro-controller to both beginners and those well versed with other micro-controller platforms. The Arduino micro-controller is a simple open source hardware platform with a very low entry level, making hardware prototyping easily accessible to those without electronic engineering degrees.

Attendees of this session will use a Sparkfun Inventors Kit to make their own powerful electronics circuits. The kit comes will all the components to make your own hardware designs including features such as flashing LEDs, control of a DC motor, driving a servo, sounding a buzzer, detect light levels, measure bends with a flex sensor and more. All using a USB interface for both power and data communications so that no additional batteries are required.

The session will start with an introduction to the Arduino features and capabilities, followed by an interactive workshop to set up the Arduino development environment on the attendees’ own laptop. Following this you will work through a projects from the Sparkfun Inventors kit with the option to begin a project of your own hardware design. Finally, you will be introduced to the C++ like programming language and write the firmware require to customize your own applications.


  1. Introduce the Arduino Micro-controller prototyping platform
  2. Set up the Arduino software development environment
  3. Complete an introduction project from the inventor kit
  4. Begin development on self-selected project


  1. Arduinos are highly accessible and have a low entry level
  2. Provide a powerful GENERIC platform with a modular design
  3. Platform independent integration
  4. Provided in a variety of form-factors for different size challenges

Target Audience:

  1. Anyone with no experience in micro-controller / embedded development
  2. Those familiar with other micro-controller platforms other than Arduino


Presenter: Ross Travers Smith
Affiliation: University of South Australia