Student Volunteer Information

We are recruiting up to 8 student volunteers for the Eighth International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC 2004).

Student volunteer activities include but are not limited to help with packing bags, setting up signs, badge checks, helping with on-site registration, ushering, photocopying, small errands, and assisting with audiovisual equipment. This may mean not being able to attend all sessions and also perhaps arriving on Oct. 30th or 31st to be able to help.

Student volunteers will receive free registration for the conference and basic hotel room (two to a room). Registration includes breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks on Nov. 1-3 and the evening reception on Nov. 1. Since the stipend is limited, the students should be able to fund their travel and other miscellaneous expenses either on their own or with university funds.

ISWC is a fantastic educational opportunity, and being a student volunteer will provide an opportunity for students interested in wearable computing to attend ISWC 2004. As such we will work to schedule volunteer time around the students' needs so we can to help interested students attend.

If you are interested or know a student who is interested in becoming a student volunteer, please send e-mail by September 13 to with the following information:

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