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ISWC 2001: Press Release

International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC 2001)
October 8-9, 2001 - ETH Zürich

September 2001

The desire to access information anytime at any location is the main driving force for developments in information and communication technology. Starting with the desktop PC and wired communication going to the lap-top and the cellular phones the path leads to Wearable Computing which incorporates the following system properties:

  • continuous operation
  • unobtrusive integration into our daily clothes
  • hands-free operation
  • improved perception of the environment (augmented reality)
  • context-aware functionality
  • active assistance of the user in processing and displaying of information

The necessary methods and technologies are being developed worldwide in the leading laboratories. The vision of 'Wearable Computing' is inherently interdisciplinary and involves computer and communication technology, textile technology, human-machine interfaces and issues of public perception and acceptance.

The scientific program and the organization of the 'International Symposium on Wearable Computers' reflect this diversity. Beside the newest integration technologies there are also students who demonstrate their 'cyborg-vision' and show their newest gadgets at this conference which is the largest conference worldwide in the field of 'wearable electronics'.

How do future clothes and fashion make use of the design potential opened by miniaturization of electronics? How do communication behaviors change when we are connected to the internet always and everywhere? These are the issues that will be addressed during the symposium.

The conference is supplemented by an exhibition in the main hall of ETH where technical and design elements of wearable computing can be seen.

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