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Welcome to ISWC'09!

The International Symposium on Wearable Computers is a conference dedicated to cutting-edge research in wearable technologies.

This year's conference will be held in Linz, Austria from September 4th to 7th, 2009.

ISWC'09, the thirteenth annual IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers, is the premier forum for wearable computing and issues related to on-body and worn mobile technologies. ISWC'09 will bring together researchers, product vendors, fashion designers, textile manufacturers, users, and related professionals to share information and advances in wearable computing. ISWC'09 explicitly aims to broaden its scope to include cell phones and cell phone applications as they have become the most successful wearable computer to date.


September 6th, 2009 Evaluation online: Please help us improve future conferences: Evaluation.
September 5th, 2009 Photo Galleries online: See section Photos.
September 1st, 2009 Program is online. Download here now.
August 27th, 2009 Program for Design Contest and Keynote 2 (D.K. Arvind) is online. See section "Program".
August 16th, 2009 Abstract of Keynote 1 (Joe Paradiso, MIT) is online. See section "Keynotes".
August 15th, 2009 Program for Demos is online. See section "Program".
August 10th, 2009 Announcement of Tutorials is online. See section "Tutorials". It is mandatory to register for the tutorials (see "Registration" section or download the registration form here: tutorial registration form).
August 6th, 2009 Late Breaking Results and Video program online. See section "Program".
July 7th, 2009 A new chair joined the team: Andreas Riener (Demo chair). See section "Committee".
June 22nd, 2009 Online conference registration is online. See section "Registration".
June 17th, 2009 A new Proceedings chair joined our team: Kai Kunze. See section "Committee".
June 2nd, 2009 We welcome a new LBR co-chair: Rene Mayrhofer. See section "Committee".
May 28, 2009 OpenConf submission websites for Design Contest, Video Papers and Demos are open. See section "Submission".
May 26, 2009 Conference and hotel registration is online. See sections "Accomodation" and "Registration".
May 7, 2009 Late Breaking Results, Design Contest and Video Papers Submission Deadline Extension to Wednesday June 3rd, 23:59:59 PST.
March 26, 2009 Paper Submission Deadline Extension to Sunday April 5th, 23:59:59 PST.
March 12, 2009 The submission website is now online.

Important Dates:

May 26, 2009 Hotel registration starts
May 18, 2009 Late Breaking Results Submission Deadline
May 18, 2009 Design Contest Submission Deadline
June 3, 2009 Late Breaking Results Submission Deadline
June 3, 2009 Design Contest Submission Deadline
June 3, 2009 Video Papers Submission Deadline
June 15, 2009 Papers, Posters and Notes Final Version Deadline
June 17, 2009 Design Contest Acceptance Notification
June 17, 2009 Video Papers Acceptance Notification
June 22, 2009 Conference registration starts
June 29, 2009 Late Breaking Results Acceptance Notification
July 1, 2009 Early registration deadline ends
July 7, 2009 Late Breaking Results Final Versions Deadline
July 7, 2009 Design Contest Final Versions Deadline
July 7, 2009 Video Papers Final Versions Deadline
July 13, 2009 Demos Submission Deadline
July 13, 2009 Hotel room special rate ends
August 3, 2009 Demos Acceptance Notification
August 10, 2009 Demos Final Versions Deadline
August 10, 2009 Late online registration ends
(on-site registration available)
September 4, 2009 Tutorials (3 parallel tracks)
September 5, 2009
to September 7, 2009
Main conference

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