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Notes and Posters

Visit the submission website to submit a note or poster.

Notes (not longer than four pages in length) and posters (not longer than two pages in length) must report new results and provide support for the results as a novel and valuable contribution to the field - just like full papers. Notes are intended for succinct work that is nonetheless in a mature state ready for inclusion in archival proceedings. Posters are intended to present very concise, yet focused and significant research results. Both notes and posters will be held to the same standard of scientific quality as full papers, albeit for a shorter presentation, and must still state how they fit with respect to related work, and provide a compelling explanation and validation. Notes and posters must be submitted as single PDF file in IEEE Computer Science Press 8.5x11-inch two-column format. Accepted notes and posters will be published in the conference main proceedings. Notes will be presented in the paper sessions of the conference, posters will be presented at the conference poster and demonstration session.

March 30, 2009Papers, Posters and Notes Submission Deadline
March 31, 2009
(23:59:59 PST)
Papers, Posters and Notes Registration Deadline
April 5, 2009
(23:59:59 PST)
Papers, Posters and Notes Submission Deadline (closed)
May 18, 2009Papers, Posters and Notes Notification of Acceptance
June 15, 2009Papers, Posters and Notes Final Version Deadline

ISWC'09 will adopt a double-blind process for full papers, notes and posters.