Call for Videos

Important Dates

UbiComp/ISWC 2014 welcomes the contribution of videos illustrating inspiring visions of future systems that are grounded in today's technical reality, demonstrate the practical application of research results and the functionality of ubiquitous computing systems. We also welcome contributions that visualize the outcome of research and development projects that are not directly or exclusively linked to a specific system. We encourage the submission of videos either as new material or as supplemental to paper submissions (e.g., in order to illustrate particular aspects of a system). In order to be eligible, videos should not have been previously presented in any other formal video program.

At the conference, the video program will be interleaved into the regular paper program. Video authors will have a chance to answer questions from the audience after their video is presented.

Your UbiComp/ISWC 2014 video submission should include:

The video should adhere to these guidelines:

Submissions (i.e., the 4-page abstract plus the video) should be submitted online through the PCS submission system as a single ZIP file that contains both the PDF and the video file. Submitting same video to both Ubicomp and ISWC is not allowed.

Videos will be judged primarily on the quality of their content, the clarity of their presentation, quality of production, their interest and relevance to UbiComp/ISWC. If the video is accepted, a high-quality format, suitable for DVD production, will be required for the final version. The authors will have to grant UbiComp/ISWC 2014 the right to redistribute it freely, which means that it must not contain any material subject to copyright.

Video submissions should not be anonymized!

Videos from previous years can be found in the ACM Digital Library. Should you have any questions regarding potential submissions, including copyright issues, please contact the UbiComp 2014 video chairs at

To make the video content that goes into the ACM digital library more accessible to a wider audience, we highly recommend you to follow our accessibility guidelines:

We look forward to seeing you at UbiComp/ISWC 2014!

Video Chairs