Full Papers

Group Activity Recognition using Belief Propagation for Mobile Devices

Dawud Gordon, Markus Scholz, Michael Beigl
Monday Session Track1 Session1

An Assistive EyeWear Prototype that Interactively Converts 3D Object Locations into Spatial Audio

Titus J. J. Tang, Wai Ho Li

Passive Haptic Learning of Braille Typing

Caitlyn Seim, John Chandler, Kayla DesPortes, Siddharth Dhingra, Miru Park, Thad Starner

Group Affiliation Detection Using Model Divergence for Wearable Devices

Dawud Gordon, Martin Wirz, Daniel Roggen, Gerhard Tröster, Michael Beigl

Public Restroom Detection on Mobile Phone via Active Probing

Mingming Fan, Alexander Adams, Khai Truong

A Comparison of Order Picking Assisted by Head-Up Display (HUD), Cart-Mounted Display (CMD), Light, and Paper Pick List

Anhong Guo, Shashank Raghu, Xuwen Xie, Saad Ismail, Xiaohui Luo, Joseph Simoneau, Scott Gilliland, Hannes Baumann, Caleb Southern, Thad Starner

The Tongue and Ear Interface: A Wearable System for Silent Speech Recognition

Himanshu Sahni, Abdelkareem Bedri, Gabriel Reyes, Pavleen Thukral, Zehua Guo, Thad Starner, Maysam Ghovanloo

Enhancing Action Recognition through Simultaneous Semantic Mapping from Body-Worn Motion Sensors

Michael Hardegger, Long-Van Nguyen-Dinh, Alberto Calatroni, Daniel Roggen, Gerhard Tröster

Unobtrusive Gait Verification for Mobile Phones

Hong Lu, Jonathan Huang, Tanwistha Saha, Lama Nachman

Exploiting Usage Statistics for Energy-efficient Logical Status Inference on Mobile Phones

Jon C Hammer, Tingxin Yan

Short Papers

How much Light do you get? Estimating Daily Light Exposure using Smartphones

Florian Wahl, Thomas Kantermann, Oliver Amft

Accommodating User Diversity for In-Store Shopping Behavior Recognition

Sougata Sen, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Vigneshwaran SUBBARAJU, Dipyaman Banerjee, Archan Misra, Nilanjan Banerjee, Sumit Mittal

Your Activity Tracker Knows When You Quit Smoking

Ken Kawamoto, Takeshi Tanaka, Hiroyuki Kuriyama

The Effects of Visual Displacement on Simulator Sickness in Video See-Through Head-Mounted Displays

Sei-Young Kim, Joong Ho Lee, Ji Hyung Park

Understanding the Wearability of Head-Mounted Devices from a Human-Centered Perspective

Vivian Genaro Motti, Kelly Caine

Hands-Free Gesture Control with a Capacitive Textile Neckband

Marco Hirsch, Jingyuan Cheng, Attila Reiss, Mathias Sundholm, Paul Lukowicz, Oliver Amft

Detecting Smoothness of Pedestrian Flows by Participatory Sensing with Mobile Phones

Tomohiro Nishimura, Takamasa Higuchi, Hirozumi Yamaguchi, Teruo Higashino
Monday Session Track1 Session1

Wearable Jamming Mitten for Virtual Environment Haptics

Timothy M Simon, Ross T Smith, Bruce H Thomas

SwitchBack: An On-Body RF-Based Gesture Input Device

Dana T Hughes, Halley P Profita, Nikolaus J Correll

Looking At or Through? Using Eye Tracking to Infer Attention Location for Wearable Transparent Displays"

Melodie Vidal, David H Nguyen, Kent Lyons

FabriTouch: Exploring Flexible Touch Input on Textiles"

Florian Heller, Stefan Ivanov, Chat Wacharamanotham, Jan Borchers


Lower-Limb Goniometry using Stitched Sensors: Effects of Manufacturing and Wear Variables

Guido Gioberto, Cheol-Hong Min, Crystal Compton, Lucy Dunne

Examination of Human Factors for Wearable Line-of-Sight Detection System

Miho Ogawa, Kota Sampei, Carlos Cortes, Norihisa Miki

Canine Reachability of Snout-based Wearable Inputs

Giancarlo Valentin, Joelle Alcaidinho, Larry Freil, Clint Zeagler, Melody Jackson, Thad Starner

Washability of E-Textile Stretch Sensors and Sensor Insulation

Mary Ellen Berglund, James Coughlin, Guido Gioberto, Lucy Dunne

MagNail: Augmenting Nails with a Magnet to Detect User Actions using a Smart Device

Azusa Kadomura, Itiro Siio

Single Capacitive Touch Sensor That Detects Multi-touch Gestures

Hiroyuki Manabe, Hiroshi Inamura

Human Joint Angle Estimation with an E-textile Sensor

Yu Enokibori, Kenji Mase

Sensors vs. Human: Comparing Sensor Based State Monitoring with Questionnaire Based Self-Assessment in Bipolar Disorder Patients

Agnes Gr¨nerbl, Gernot Bahle, Stefan Öhler, Raphaela Banzer, Christian Haring, Paul Lukowicz