Attending Opportunity Matching ISWC 2017

Introducing Opportunity Matching at ISWC 2017

This year, we are starting an experimental program called "Opportunity Matching (OM)." OM aims to help conference attendees and sponsors to establish direct connections between them, to discuss various future opportunities during and after the conference. Opportunities include:

  • full-time employment
  • research/engineering internship
  • research collaboration
  • research/technology advisory

As a UbiComp/ISWC attendee, you are invited to register yourself to OM. The matching procedure is as follows:

  1. Sponsors will indicate their interests in opportunities (e.g., recruiting, research collaboration and/or others). We will make them available online.
  2. Conference attendees will send us their interests in which sponsors they want to meet as well as their profiles and contact information.
  3. We will provide with each sponsor profiles of attendees who have showed interests in meeting. Sponsors will be free to contact them and meet at the conference (and after the conference).

If attendees are interested, please complete the online opportunity matching form (sent via email to all registered attendees) by 6th September. Later, sponsors who are interested will directly contact you.

For additional information, please contact:

Holger Kenn and Koji Yatani
UbiComp/ISWC sponsorship co-chairs